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img   Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday will be having free astro consulting between 4.00 and 6.00 pm. Those who wish to ask anything in the free time may call on +91 986 721 4103 or +91 842 404 3161. Please call in the alloted time only.
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Consultancy Services
Name Change/Correction
Get name change/correction as per Numerology/Astrology
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Share Market Recommendations Options
Nifty Options Rs 3000 PMBank Nifty Options Rs 3000 PMShare Options Rs 5000 PM
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Baby Name
Get new born baby name as per Numerology and Astrology
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Birth Chart/Janma Kundali
Get soft copy of your birth chart in any one of the eight languages English / Hindi / Marathi/ Gujarathi/ Bengali/ Tamil/ Kanada/ Malyalam
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Kundali Milaan/Match Making
We match Kundalis/Horoscope as per Astrology and Numerology for Marriage/Partnerships/Relationships
$9.00 / Rs500 Enquiry Now »
Birth Time Rectification
If you do not have your birth time, we can work on your approximate time of birth. If you are not certain on your available birth time, we can rectify your birth time. For written reports price is twice the quote price or double
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Share Market Recommendations Futures
Nifty Futures Rs 5000 PM Bank Nifty Futures Rs 5000 PM Share Futures Rs 7500 PM
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Share Market Recommendations Shares
Recommendation for one share Rs 1500 Recommendation for two shares Rs 2800 Recommendation for three shares Rs 3900 Recommendation for four shares Rs 4800 Recommendation for five shares Rs 5000
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Ask Three Questions
Ask any Three questions. Questions need to be send by email and reply will be given by email.
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Birth Chart/Janma Kundali
Get soft copy of your birth chart with computerized predictions for next 25 years
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Ask Two Questions
Ask any Two questions. Questions need to be send by email and reply will be given by email.
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Ask a Question
Ask on any one subject like Health / Marriage / Foreign job Prospects / Finance / Relationships / Inheritance / Spirituality / Court Case etc. For written report Price is double
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Chart Consultation
Full chart consultation. For written reports Rs2000/$30 extra
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Varshaphal/One year Prediction
Get Varshaphal or One year Predictions. For predictions with written report price is double or twice the quote price
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Ask Five Questions
Ask any Five questions. Questions need to be send by email and reply will be given by email.
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  Astrological Reasons for Seperation and/or divorce in Marriage
  We all know about marriage’s taking place and then failing. Unsuccessful marriage leads to conflicts, controversy & misunderstanding, separation and then divorce. According to Hindu mythology divorce is a very delicate and sensitive issue. In majority of the marriage’s that take place, normally horoscopes of the boy and girl are matched and then marriages are solemnized. Despite the horoscopes being matched than too divorce take...
  Share Market Predictions, Wednesday February 10, 2016
  ASTRO VIEW: Dalal Street will be under the effect of Sun, Jupiter and Rahu on Wednesday February 10, 2016. Sun fails to make a benefic angle with Rahu and Jupiter but Rahu and Jupiter makes a benefic angle. Today Moon is positive but highly speculative and dicey placed. Rahu is news oriented. This gives us a mixed market. Expect today markets to have a gap down start, some correction continues, but the second half sees some healthy recovery wit...
  Recommendations for Thursday June 11, 2015
  Recommendations Date 2015, June Scrip Strike Price Series Buy/Sell CMP Buy/Sell price Target  Stop Loss on Closing basis Remark Remark Actual performance 11 Nifty Option 8100 June Buy Call  Spot 8124 Buy when spot nifty above 8155 Spot Nifty 8200-8250 Spot Nifty b...
  Newsletter February 2016
  FEBRUARY 2016 NEWSLETTER: The year 2016 is ruled by Mars and Mars is currently placed in Libra sign. On February 22 Mars transits and conjuncts with Saturn in Scorpio sign. Mars enters its own sign, but here Mars changes its function from fire borne to water borne. Will this water borne Mars conjunct with Saturn bring some bullishness or bearishness in the market? February month is ruled by Moon and Mars with support from Sun, Saturn, ...
  What Vedic Astrology is all about
  What Vedic Astrology is all about? Vedic astrology is science, which gives scientific results based on placement of the nine planets in any of the twelve houses or bhava’s in a horoscope. In good old days Rishi Munni’s had divya gyan and complete knowledge of the placement of all the planets through which they could predict and tell everything about the past, present & future of an individual. When a person is born at a parti...
  Cricket Predictions
  Cricket Predictions available for current tournaments Nat West T20 blast in England Price West Indies vs Australia Test series New Zealand vs England test and ODI series India in Bangladesh entire tournament Pakistan, Sri Lanka entire tournament The Ashes All current and forthcoming tournaments Charges ODI Rs 2100.00 per match Test Rs 5000.00 per match T20 Rs 1500.00 per match ...
  Understanding Numerology
  Numerology does not depend on psychic ability. It is not clairvoyance. Everyone is somewhat psychic and that we all have intuitions, but the power of Numerology doesn't depend on these characteristics. Understanding Numerology Is our life complete without numbers? When are born, we are first born with a number. In the hospital child from bed number 1….., then in the family we are the 1st, 2nd, 3rd………… c...
  Kaala Saarpa Yog/Dosha and Pitra Dosha
  Kaal Sarpa Dosha Shanti/Pitra Dosha Shanti What is Kaala Saarpa Dosha In Vedic astrology, Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets or nodes, but not general planets like other seven namely, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. It is a curse from Saarpa Lord due to offenses committed in any one of the past births. Offenses like killing of snake, having snake meat, harming any snake etc work as curse in the current birth thus creating...
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